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See Wes Fisher MD Destroy the MOC

Thirty minutes that is worth your time.

  • No proof MOC works.
  • ABIM is $50 million in debt but their ABIM foundation has $81 million.  Funneling of your money from one to the other.
  • Their by-laws show they can have any conflict of interest they want!
  • All their members (physicians) are research subjects.
  • $2.3 Luxury condo
  • $6.5 million to Cayman Islands
  • They are selling physicians’ research recertification data.
  • NCQA and ABIMF and Richard Baron MD are all linked
  • Kickbacks and illegal lobbying

THIS IS AMAZING!  Please spread this around so others may learn and join the fight.

Go, Wes, Go. Kill the MOC!


Wes and the Chicago Machine

I hate the MOC.  It needs to be killed in all specialties.  I am not alone in this.  The general of the anti-MOC army is Wes Fisher MD, whom I have written extensively about here before.  Unlike me, he has done more to bring down the ABIM then my little ol’ blog has against the…

Dr. Wes Exposes the ABFM As Well

Thank god for Dr. Wes Fisher.  He is the man.  Please read his blog post about the ABFM and the scam they run. He has nailed the ABIM and now turns his attention to the family medicine homologue. Here is a taste: For instance, while the public only has access to the ABFM’s tax forms…

Give It Up, Christine Sinsky MD!

The funny thing about this blog is that we have touched on so many issues that the same ones and the same people keep coming again and again.  This is what Dr. Conrad wrote back last January: Christine Sinsky, MD coauthored a 2015 Mayo study that found: physician burnout had risen 15% since 2011, to…

The ABMS MOC Scam Continues

Recently, the Journal of the American Medical Association came out with an article partly exposing the money making machine that is the American Board of Medical Specialties.  Why partly?  Because they hide the money.  I am using this blog to highlight the one guy who has fought these extortionists for years.  Here is Wes Fisher’s…

ABMS and Extortion

We all believe that doctors need certification.  Most of us, however, think this recertification process (I have done it twice already) is a money grab and a joke.  Just look the the coffers of the ABFM or the ABIM and you realize this is a scam.  I don’t love the AMA but I will give…

The ABFM is Taking My Certification

This is a follow up to last week’s post.  I was under the impression that I could skip the bogus yearly mandates by the American Board of Family Medicine and just take the ridiculous test in seven years as opposed to ten.  Turns out I am wrong and it is more crooked than I thought.…

Who is Christine Sinsky, MD?

Not too long ago Pat Conrad MD blogged here about the AMA’s attempt to fix burnout.  The main expert was Christine Sinsky, MD who is now the AMA’s Vice President of Professional Satisfaction.  As Conrad pointed out, WTF is that anyway? Christine Sinsky, MD coauthored a 2015 Mayo study that found: physician burnout had risen 15% since…

Mercy Killing the MOC

It is time to applaud the people hammering the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) and their MOC (Maintenance of Certification).   Recently, the ABIM sent out a letter to internists that stated: Dear Internal Medicine Community: ABIM clearly got it wrong. We launched programs that weren’t ready and we didn’t deliver an MOC program…

American Board of Family Medicine

No one thinks that doctors shouldn’t initially sit for a board certification.  We just think the MOC or Maintenance of Certification is a sham and a money grab.  The American Board of Internal Medicine has been getting hit hard by its members to stop this travesty but to my knowledge no one has really pushed…