Doug Farrago

Which Punchline?

Probably not the best place for this but these situations do occur.   My partner told me of a case years back where the wife of a patient complained that her husband had this same nasty habit.  There are infections transmitted from animals to humans and they are called zoonoses.  You can see a list…

A Title Tells It All

Here is an article just put out by the media: Poorer, Obese Adults Might Benefit From Behavior-Change Program Ya’ think?  It turns out they needed a two-year study to figure this one out.  Ah, nothing like seeing money well spent. Tweet

Pink Slime

Good News – The fast food industry will stop selling “pink slime” or boneless lean beef trimmings. Bad News – The USDA gives the green light to continue using it for school lunches. Amazing and sad.  Read more about the “pink slime” here.   Three cheers for ammonia! Talk amongst yourselves.   Tweet

Epic Fail for a Yahoo Article

Are you looking to launch a new career where you can help others and make a difference? A job that lets you feel truly good about what you do every day could mean the difference between a rewarding experience and just another 9-to-5. Keep reading to learn about six careers that could make you feel good…

Meaningful Use Part Deux

The AMA News is listing some of the changes to come upon us in 2014. Here are what EMRs will be expected to do in Stage 2 of the Meaningful Use criteria.   Some optional EMR functionality objectives in stage 1 would become mandatory in stage 2. Overall, physicians would need to use their EMRs…

Quote of the Week

Some patients, though conscious that their condition is perilous, recover their health simply through their contentment with the goodness of the physician. Hippocrates 460-400 B.C.   Three cheers for the good old days. Tweet

Laws from Lawsuits

Admittedly, this is a tough situation to talk about.  Brandon Harris, a mentally challenged 25 year-old man, unexpectedly died during a routine sleep study.   The case is in court now because the family feels the hospital could have done more to prevent the guy from dying.  It is sad but the fact is that…

Authentic Doc From A Civil War Prisoner Camp

This was found during an Ebay auction.  Here is the link.  It is an incredible story:  Lot of two (photo and hospital pass) circa 1865 Civil War items relating to the Confederate Andersonville Georgia Prison for Union prisoners of war.  This prison was largely an outdoor compound where over 12,000 of the 45,000 prisoners interred there died from…