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I am going to pull down the CVS Minute Clinic post.  This site (Authentic Medicine) was created to fight the big guys and I truly believe we need to fight the dilution of training occurring in medical schools, NP schools, etc.  I blocked the kid’s pic and identifiers so that he would not be attacked.  He said he was anyways so we will take him at his word and that is the only reason to pull it.  His FB post was floated across the internet a week before it was sent to us. We do not apologize for commenting on that post. The only issue we brought up was whether training mattered or not.  The militants got, well, militant but there was some great discussion going on. I believe that needs to continue.  I have criticized medical schools trying to decrease the years family docs need to train. I have criticized online DNP programs.  We should all fight for high standards.  So please continue your conversation here.

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  8 comments for “The CVS Minute Clinic Post

  1. Kurt
    February 8, 2018 at 7:56 am

    They need to cut the bullcrap out that primary care doctors have to put up with otherwise I tell students to specialize. FP is not worth it anymore and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. (Retirement, not suicide so don’t worry! 😉 I want time to reflect, rest, cleanup the house
    and partake of some hobbies before I depart this world.)

    I had a good 22 years until the EHR crap and being held responsible for patients BS behaviors.
    I was terminated from a training program for insubordination when the attending baited me after being awake for about 55 hours. I just got off 24 hours in the “front room” of the
    Cook County trauma unit and at morning report the “boss man” asked if there was anything to to do to improve the situation. I mentioned there was a young African-American woman who cut her hand that morning and was wheeled up in to the Trauma Unit that night. She was making breakfast (for her six kids) and the knife slipped and she cut all the tendons in the palm of her hand. Came to the ER that morning, Hand Fellow was called and yeah she needed her tendons sewn back together. She replied she needed to make arrangements to have her kids taken care of the the Fellow naturally replied, “Sure, just get back here before 24 hours is up.”
    (As is the case with most plastics stuff.) So she comes back and the dorkhead in the ER triages her up to the trauma unit instead of calling the Hand Fellow! I call the Hand Fellow he apologizes and the nurses “refuse” to let her go until “I” assess her though she’s been worked up and obviously it was an accident and not a suicide attempt. Well back then the 2nd years had to fill out 10 pages of bullcrap on every case. Most of the time, it never got done due to the work load. I suggested in a case so blatant as this one should be able to hand it of quickly because if the shit was hitting the fan, I could have been occupied for hours before getting to her. Needless to say, John Barrett (boss man) said I was shirking my responsibility and I got into a hot argument and ended it by saying I disagree with his attitude I’m the “Trauma Doctor” and have to evaluate everything! So I was canned after my 1st rotation. Most depressing year of my life.
    Lloyd Nyhus (surgery dept. chairman) said to get him to change the evaluation. I’ll be damned, (and I was actually with the current nature of primary care albeit a delayed damning.) if I was going to “beg” to have the evaluation changed. I was right dammit! I hated the OCD I.M. people obsessed with rarely seen medical conditions so did F.P. (Actually I was on track to enter into Urology until this happened. I thinkI probably would have made a decent plumber actually.)
    Now I’m not an I.M. hater because like me, the I.M. folks in the trenches like me are doing the same common everyday bull crap. I respect that. Actually did one phone call and I was in a program. Sooooo, I had 5 and a half years before I got out. I don’t do any procedures as I do not have the time. I hate the waste-of-time paperwork that is crushing the quality of life and how the hell can you say to students to go into primary care? The problem of having the Doctor piss on every piece o’ paper has to end. Never did it before, always had time for outside interests and took call and care of inpatients too. Now, it sucks with the time needed that is
    uncompensated. May anyone roast in Hades who perverts an innocent student in the the cesspool of FP.

    Cripes, now nobody knows what the hell is going on with patients in the hospitals without someone who deals with the patient intermittently on the outside.
    Oh, Wonder if the U of I knows why I don’t send them money anymore nor why I turned down
    the invitation to go to Lloyd Nyhus’ retirement party. I doubt the stupid bureaucracy even knows! Thank God for caller ID so I don’t have to answer their calls for money. Hell I need all the money I can to fund my own retirement since I don’t make so much anymore!

  2. Steve O'
    February 3, 2018 at 4:09 pm

    I will likely stop resisting the fascists of the American Nacht und Nebel movement. All tyrannies and autocracies cultivate their snitches, and most subjected populations are full of twisted, evil people who seem to relish b_tching about anyone they don’t care for. Don’t like someone? Turn him or her over to the State! Appeal to the authorities. The Secret Police will take them away.
    If they want medicine, good! Have it! I stopped feeling proud to be a doctor years ago.
    You notice they couldn’t do it until the Greatest Generation died out. The WWII generation understood what oppression and fascism was, and they were proud of fighting it. They held it off, for a while.
    The Quislings in the New American Medicine movement have sold out anyone who produces or performs. See what they have made? It’s only started.

    • Pat
      February 4, 2018 at 4:33 pm

      Steve, with greatest respect, I never call that generation “Greatest.” They defeated totalitarianism overseas, only to give it subtler rebirth at home. That generation gave us Social Security, Medicare, and the Baby Boomers, all forces for collectivism and abuse of the individual. They defeated the Nazis, and later the USSR, then embraced socialism while waving the Stars & Stripes.

      Agree with the rest of your comments.

      Good NP’s notwithstanding, Big NP is a dishonest, self-serving economic movement using cowardly agents to falsely tear down those who publicly oppose their lies. They have no honor, and are scum.

  3. Chris
    February 1, 2018 at 12:36 am


    Cheers to you for standing your ground as long as you did. We Physicians have been succeeding to just about every invasion of our profession from hospital systems taking us over to government dictating our compensation. Now some mid levels are getting in the game by bypassing all the stops in place we hurdled to practice (i.e. residency and boards). The reason this topic of mid level autonomy causes many of us this much agony is that we know it will lead to significantly worse outcomes despite what is purported by the biased and inaccurate studies touted by the champions of mid level autonomy. The lay public does not understand the difference because only by having undergone the training can you appreciate the art of diagnosis and how much experience is required to pick up subtle nuances of illness and treatment. So in the end, we are the the only ones that can understand enough to warn everyone of this threat to public health.

    Many mid levels inherently understand this and respect the difference between their training and ours, unfortunately many do not. They blur the lines by getting offended at the term mid level and ask to be called “provider” to make themselves indistinguishable from us. They then asked to practice autonomously from us and in 23 states have won the right to do so. Now they want to usurp the designation of doctor and physician from us, essentially completing the blurring of lines and making themselves equal (except in training). I know personally a few NPs that introduce themselves as Doctor because they believe their doctorate in nursing commands the same respect as our medical degree. Unfortunately it is false advertising as their degree has less to do with the study of medicine and more likely to do with discrepancies in healthcare or healthcare management. Don’t believe me about this push, look no further than this website:

  4. Pat
    January 30, 2018 at 12:38 pm

    Higher standards, yay. Let’s cut there crap, this is still the same fight that it’s been here for years. A bunch of doctor-wannabes dress up their desires with rhetoric over evidence-based caring and access, team building and collaboration with physician “colleagues”… sure there are some decent NP individuals with skill and experience, but the industry is about growing political and market power. This is an economic and turf fight as well as one over quality of care. Even the decent NP’s are acting as agents of the militants. This is about egalitarian salve for the self-esteem of the midlevels who want to be in charge too, darn it. It’s about a new world where you don’t need the guts to endure med school, you just need a lot of friends on social media, “passion”, and a willing chain.

    • Meredith
      January 30, 2018 at 1:20 pm

      I am a NP and I am proud of the experience, training, and education that I completed to achieve my goal of working as a PNP-AC. I work with an amazing group of critical care physicians and nurse practitioners and by no means am I a “doctor-wannabe.” I value the role of the physician and I also value the role of the nurse practitioner. I do agree that medical schools as well as nurse practitioner schools are lowering standards in an attempt to help with the provider shortage. In doing so the the quality of physicians and quality of nurse practitioners is not what it once was. This is a time when physicians and nurse practitioners should support each other and encourage our governing bodies to maintain higher standards to improve the quality of healthcare that we provide.

      • Pat
        January 30, 2018 at 2:29 pm

        Meredith, I agree with every word you said, and I believe your sincerity. I also think that the real issue is as I described above. “Big NP” is just as dishonest and self-serving as the AAFP or ABMS. So I guess we have that in common as well. Cheers.

  5. Mereditb
    January 30, 2018 at 11:13 am

    Absolutely higher standards!!!! Experience and training is essential to success!


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