Diary of a Drug Rep

Many of you who read the Authentic Medicine Blog/Gazette followed me from my days doing the Placebo Journal. It was the only medical journal that used to make doctors laugh (on purpose). We lasted ten years and it was awesome. We ripped on everyone. What you see in Gomerblog or ZDoggMD are ripple effects from the Placebo Journal.

Anyway, I initially wrote a short “email” parody called Diary of a Pharmaceutical Rep (Drug Rep) in the early 2000’s before social media was in full blast. It spread like wildfire mostly through the reps themselves. It follows two reps (one starting with a sparkle in her eye and the other retiring who is dead inside) and it occurs in Maine. I really think it is funny and even though it is fiction there is a lot of REAL stuff in there. If you want a laugh and can afford the $14.95 then I would be honored if you would purchase it and give it a nice review.

The link is here

Though this story chronicles two drug reps it really is about the healthcare system and relates to doctors and the public as well. Trust me, this will make you laugh.


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  1. Margreta R.
    April 10, 2017 at 6:53 pm

    Now, Dr. Doug are you sure that what”s bothered you is really the existence of Dr. Nurse (Practitioner) or is it that many nurses are female? Do you feel as upset that your local optometrist is Dr. although he/she is not an ophthalmologist? Or that a podiatrist is Dr. Foot , a pharmacist with a DPH is Dr. Pharmacist, a PA with a doctorate is Dr. X? You already know that a Ph.D. came into being before a university stamped MD. And Ph.D’s are called–Doctor. Does it really devalue your degree? I don’t think so. The respect you get for your degree, the years you studied, the hours you work, is still there in the minds and hearts of your patients. No, not in the minds of administrators, I certainly grant that. But you are bright and caring and sarcastically funny; I am sure your patients know (and tell you) how lucky they are to be on your panel. So don’t be hurt or confused by titles; you are already the self-proclaimed King of Medicine. (oh dear, is that why Debra F’s name is smaller and lighter than yours? Oh, Doug, no.

    • Doug Farrago
      April 10, 2017 at 9:38 pm

      I think the “titles” are made to confuse patients. It is unfair to them as well. But you make some good points.

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