Did I Ever Tell You How Much I Hate United Healthcare?

Did I ever tell you how much I hate United Healthcare?  Look at this trash announcement above. This is for doctors who still want to play with them.  I do not.

Each doctor can register and see how they were “designated”.  How creepy is that?  And who the f&ck are they to judge anyone?  Why do insurance companies think they control the patients and the doctors and can do whatever they want? It disgusts me.  Sorry, I digressed there.  Moving on.

Let’s see how you can be designated:

  1. Premium Care Physician – You meet their quality criteria and cost efficiency criteria.  The first is unproven and the second is you save them money probably at the expense of the patient.
  2. Quality Care Physician – You meet their quality standards but you don’t make them enough money.
  3. Does Not Meet Premium Quality Criteria – You suck to them.
  4. Not Evaluated for Premium Care – You are dead to them.

These judgmental bastards are treating doctors like something you see in the supermarket:

This is a joke and needs to be stopped. It is their rules on quality and cost efficiency and that is how they decided to pay you or tell patients about you.  They DO NOT need proof for any of this because they believe they are in control.  It’s their money, right?  NO!  It’s the patients’ money and here is the problem.  No one asked insurance companies to be the stewards of patients’ health.  Doctors have also had this role!

We let them take it.

It is time we take it back!

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  2 comments for “Did I Ever Tell You How Much I Hate United Healthcare?

  1. Joe Smegma
    May 30, 2018 at 7:57 pm

    Sons of Bitches. They make the rules. They determine your score. You either play the game by their rules, or suffer the consequences. F$ck them. You can compromise patient care and outcomes and get a Premium scorecard and a few messily bucks. And…… lose your self respect. What have we become? Beholden to the insurance Gestapo or our patients? Their goal is financial gain not patient well being. We are talking about human lives. What really bothers me is the pretending that “quality” initiatives are for the benefit of the patient. They are truly for the benefit of insurance profits, and the insurance industrial complex. Cherry pick your way through a patient panel and eliminate the bad apples. Profits will follow. Guaranteed! Good day. Joe Smegma, DO.

  2. Steve O'
    May 27, 2018 at 1:13 am

    I am reassured by their statement:
    New Designation Criteria
    We compare your current evaluation result to the previous version when determining your designation. For this release, we’re adding new criteria that determines when we use the current evaluation result rather than the previous version. If your current version has a statistically higher cost-efficiency result, we’ll use the current evaluation result to determine your designation.

    translated – We have secret codes for you that weren’t as good as the new ones, we think. So we have two different numbers for you. If you were a Bluebird reader, and you wound up as a Redbird reader this cycle, we’ll have to guess.

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