Half of Schools Fail

Once again there is more evidence that the No Child Left Behind plan is a travesty.   Education secretary, Arne Duncan, calls it “broken”.  Nearly half of the nation’s public schools didn’t reach the standards or “adequate yearly progress” needed to fulfill what the law intended!  Many ideas seemed brilliant at the time and their paths were paved with good intentions.   Unfortunately, No Child Left Behind has hit a dead end.  The parallel with medicine is almost exact.  The pay-for-performance philosophy using quality metrics sounds great but there is ample evidence that it is costly and does not work.   Let’s get wise and stop this behemoth before it too leads down the same road as No Child Left Behind.   The only thing driving this runaway train, unfortunately, are the people whose jobs depend on it…..administrators.  And they will do whatever it takes to convince you and I that it is better for the patients when it is really just better for them.   Listen to the doctors in the trenches on this one*


*Not the turncoat doctors who have morphed into half-clinicians and half-administrators.  They know where their bread is buttered.

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