How To Reinvent Your Career If you Quit Being Doctor

  1. Air Traffic Controller – What do you think being on call is all about?
  2. Drug Dealer – Well, this one is obvious.
  3. Data Processor – You can thank the EMR for this one.
  4. Lawyer – You have been trained in defensive medicine for years.  How about putting it to good use?   Besides, you know which doctors suck in your hospital.  Start handing out your cards right outside their offices.
  5. Consultant – This is just a made up job anyway.  And you have seen all the other idiots who do it.
  6. Surgeon General – I mean really, what do they do anyway?
  7. Administrator – If you can’t beat’em, join’em.  You need to lose some IQ points first, though.
  8. Politicians – They even do less than the administrators but it is a better way to pass around your half-naked pictures on Facebook.
  9. Pharmaceuticals – There are so many choices here to make a living while losing all credibility as a physician.  Jump right in!
  10. Fast food restaurant – No one takes more orders and juggles more items at the same time than you.  Besides, you may make more money than being a doctor.
  11. Chef – Heck, medicine is now a cookbook job anyway.   It can’t be much different than whipping up some crème brule.
  12. Newspaper delivery person – You have been giving news to patients every day of your life so why not continue doing the same.  You still have to get up early but you can now go to bed early and once again, you may get paid more.
  13. Hair stylist/Manicurist – How many nails have you treated or cut off?  How many backs have you shaved to do a procedure?   Now you can do it a nicer atmosphere.
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