Principles of Authentic Medicine

This is an ongoing list of “rules” that define what authentic medicine is all about.  They are just some rough ideas.  I would love some feedback and additions that you may give.
  1. Be present on the job
  2. Quality is flexible,  subjective and sometimes indefinable
  3. Administrators should not be in charge of patient care
  4. Insurance companies should not determine plan of care
  5. Spend time with the patient
  6. Smile every day
  7. Know your patient
  8. Enjoy what you are doing
  9. Don’t make crap up
  10. Customer service is not everything but it is STILL important
  11. If you don’t take care of yourself than you can’t expect patients to take care of themselves
  12. Don’t let yourself be abused by a patient
  13. Don’t abuse patients
  14. Healthcare is a service and therefore a business.  Commit to improving it; not giving it away.
  15.  Find a way to have fun with your staff, partners or patients
  16. Make a profit but don’t gouge people
  17.  Don’t make a profit by churning through patients
  18. Actually listen to the patient and hopefully the patient will actually listen to the doctor
  19.  Local, local, local  – doctor should live  in and understand the community and the patients
  20. It is okay if the experience in the exam room is reverential or spiritual
  21. Making medicine civilized again
  22. Walk your talk – eat healthy, be thin, exercise
  23.  Don’t ever take yourself too seriously
  24. Pay attention to the details
  25. Don’t do this job because of the money or the security or your ego – you should actually want to help people
  26. Be true to yourself
  27.  Don’t cut corners
  28.  Do not lose touch with what happens in the trenches
  29. Remember, there is a delicate and difficult balance between the art and the science of medicine.
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