Stupid Questions (sent in by one of our readers)

Ok, I’m used to hearing the preop nurses ask my epidural steroid injection patients if it’s ok to give a blood transfusion if needed. However, the new question I heard yesterday was mind-blowing for its sheer stupidity:

“Do you mind if Dr. Greywater has technical assistance during the procedure?”

In other words, do they mind if I have a nurse and x-ray tech in the room, or should we give Dr. Greywater 30 pairs of gloves so he can run back and forth moving the surgical C-arm and recording VS?

Our new time out also requires that we ask if anyone has “any issues concerning the case”. Originally it was just “any issues of concern” but apparently everyone would then complain that gas costs too much, we need to get out of Iraq, Afghanistan, so they had to be more specific.

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