Tag Lines for Authentic Medicine

One of my oldest and dearest patients congratulated me on my story in the AP.   She is in her late eighties and is really a sweet old lady. We love her at the office.  She didn’t understand what the story was about, however.  “Are you fighting for doctors?”, she asked.   Not exactly.  What I told her convinced me that this website and movement needs a new tagline.    Right now it is Finding the Balance Between Science and Art in Today’s Healthcare System but I think that may be too confusing.

Let me first explain what was behind this first tagline.  I believe the pendulum has swung too far towards technology in our healthcare system.   It has gotten to the point where the puppet masters actually believe that robots could do our jobs as physicians.   The same business people and administrators believe that LELTs (less educated and less trained) “providers” are exactly equal in their delivery of healthcare .  To them it is only a bonus that they are coincidentally cheaper.  These same people believe that technology compensates for every move they have made (reducing staff, hiring more LELTs, overwhelming staff, etc.).  My tag line tried to emphasize that the pendulum needs to swing back to the art of medicine to find a truer balance.  By reconnecting with our roots we can become what we thought doctors were when we went to medical school.  That balance is Authentic Medicine.

Did I tell my patient this?  No.  What came out of my mouth seemed to work a lot better.  I said that my goal is “fight to remove those things that are getting in the way of doctors directly treating patients”.  It worked.  So now my questions to you:

  •  Should I switch this tagline?
  • Do you like my new one?
  • If you do, should it be condensed more?
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