The AMA and the ICD-10

Finally, the AMA did something right!  They have adopted a resolution to try and stop of the implementation of ICD-10, which would be used in place of the current ICD-9.  For those that don’t know, doctors bill for services using CPT codes but use the ICD codes to record patient diagnoses.  The idiots in charge decided to increase the number of codes in the ICD9 from 14,000 to about 83,000 (other sources says 140,000).  This is done to industrialize medicine even more and break patients down into numbers and not people.  Anyway, I had fun mocking some of these codes before so let me refresh your memory.

If you want to play with this moronic idea then go to this link and just start putting in terms.  You will find codes for EVERYTHING.  I found 3 codes related to walking into a lamppost.  Enjoy and then come to the realization, like I did, that the people running our healthcare system are idiots.

By the way, the Medical Group Management Assn. estimates that implementing ICD-10 would cost a three-physician practice $85,000.  Who doesn’t have that lying around?   To me this would be a good test to see if the AMA as anything left in the tank.   I won’t hold my breath, though.

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