Another “No Sh&t” Moment

It took a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine to prove that active seniors outlive their sedentary peers.  Really?  Out of 893 people around 80 years old, researchers found that the most active seniors had a lower risk of dying over the four-year study compared to those who moved the least.

 “Researchers led by Dr. Aron Buchman, a professor at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, measured the daily activity level of local seniors, most in their late 70s and 80s, over 10 days. The researchers then followed the group for about four years, during which a quarter of the seniors — 212 — died. The seniors who were most active had about a 25 percent lower chance of dying compared to those who were least active over the four years”

“This suggests if you’re increasing your activity — even in your home — it has some advantages,” said Buchman.

Well, no sh%t Sherlock.  Can we put this to bed yet?  We, as a society, at any age, should be more active.  We are like sharks.  If we stop moving, we die.  So now let’s stop doing ridiculous studies like this over and over again so we don’t have to hear the same old stupid and obvious comments.   Geez!

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