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Medical schools, guilty of doing the same rigorous training style over the past 100 years, are changing again.   More and more are just following the news and trying to make  a splash with cool new programs.   Who is up for some interprofessional training fun?  The pendulum has now swung old school didactics/rounds to “hey, the media will love this one”.  As a example, students at the Medical University of South Carolina join with students from all of the university’s degree programs, including nursing, pharmacy and health administration.  As the American Medical News article recounts, “During a semester, the students work in teams to solve a hypothetical patient sentinel event. They must determine what went wrong and come up with multiple recommendations for the patient’s care.”   I sure hope they continue the scenario all the way out to the hypothetical lawsuit.    In that example the medical student gets to find out he or she is the only one of the “team” who gets sued.

I get the “cowboy doctor days” are gone and I understand why.  That being said, I have seen the “team” thing fail miserably in the real world of medicine because the wrong people without the adequate training think they should be in charge.  There is still a need for a CHAIN OF COMMAND.  Sounds bad and politically incorrect, but it still works.

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