Is LDL Bad?

The gold standard of hammering down the cholesterol may be in question…..again.   A new study may show that there could be a correlation between a low LDL and cancer.   Others study have shown this but there was some confusion about whether it was related to the medicine people were taking.  In this study, no one was on meds and the relationship was still there.  Wow.  This is all still preliminary but it will send shockwaves around the medical world.   Remember, our first job is to do no harm.   Maybe we need to take this out of the cardiologists’ hands and look at the use of statins from a 30,000 feet level?   LDL is not bad.  Small, dense LDL is bad.  Bad diets lead to LDL being oxidized from a fluffy buoyant configuration to a small, dense one.  Maybe we need to stop estimating LDL and directly measure small, dense LDL to get a better studies?

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