Problems of Living

The title of the MSN piece says it all:

Docs: Antipsychotics often prescribed for ‘problems of living’

Doctors who are in the trenches get “stuck” with cases all the time that are really very difficult.   Many patients have it bad and they need help.  We feel obligated to do something.   That doesn’t excuse those docs who prescribe antipsychotic meds without a clear indication.   It also doesn’t give the associate professor of pharmacology at Georgetown University the right to scream that it is a “total outrage” either.   Yes, doctors need to not give pills for every situation.  I get that and agree.   I remember doing a parody in our first Placebo Journal ten years ago about “Shitty Life Syndrome”.   There really is no fix for it.   It seems to me that “problems of living” is eerily similar.   The dilemma, however, is what to do for these poor souls?  They don’t go to their church or synagogue anymore.  They won’t go to counseling (or can’t afford it).  They are depressed, drinking, unemployed and want answers.   And you have seven minutes to fix them.  Go.

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