R.I.P. Bert Sugar

I am on the board of what is called Ring 10 which is a group that helps retired boxers.  Actually, it helps retired boxers help themselves.  My brother started this particular “Ring” and all the money they collect (I mean ALL) goes to fighters that have medical problems and are not well off.    My brother, Matt, was a professional fighter in the ’80s and is now a surgical sales rep.  He has done well in life and I am proud of him.    Last August he put on the the annual Ring 10 Dinner in Brooklyn, NY and there were a lot of big time boxing celebrities there including Riddick Bowe, Jake LaMotta and more.  Also there was Bert Sugar, “an iconic boxing writer and sports historian who was known for his trademark fedora and ever-present cigar”.  I had always seen Bert on television talking about fighters but it wasn’t until I sat and talked to him did I learn how much he really cared for them.  Say what you want about the sport (and there is a lot of bad to say about it), there are still a bunch of good people trying to help out.  Bert was one of them but unfortunately he died Sunday of cardiac arrest at the age of 75. R.I.P. Bert.

If you are interested in meeting some cool ex-fighters then come to the event this August in New York.  Info here.  Hope to see you there.

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