Socialized Medicine in Germany

Guten Morgan! This comes from a reader:
If you really want European socialized medicine (you personally no, but the masses in general) then you need to know some more information.  I have lived and worked in Europe (Germany), I speak from experience.  First, you are covered until you are 65 years old, after that you are on your own. You can by supplements so those of us with marketable skills will have better care. Second, there is no EMTALA, so uninsured, immigrants, and elderly will not be treated without cash in hand. More than once I saw people die trying to get “free” care. Atrial fibrillation at 66 in an ED, sit and wait for the MI or stroke. An immigrant hit by a car, better drag your broken body out of traffic or you’ll be fined for that. Honest, I saw these things.
Taking care of people under 65 is cheap. Politicians would love this. They know more old people vote so they can’t do this until after we all agree to government health care. Then watch out, something will have to be done about the expense. We all know how whiny and entitled baby boomers can be. Perfect for a little class hatred.Just so you see it coming.

Wow!  So it is not utopia?   And there is governmental “cherry picking” going on over there?   Very interesting.
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