Many you know my about my disgust for the “quality movement”.   Please search through my past blogs to get a feel for my argument.   I also recently put out a piece we used in the Placebo Journal called SUQASS.  In the parody we allude to the joke that something must be of quality if you say the word quality over and over again.   As real life example, I just read this little diddy about a doctor (I kept things anonymous) being given a award:

Quality Improvement Leadership Award

 Dr. X, president of the ABC Medical Staff, has been recognized by a state healthcare organization for his work in healthcare quality improvement. Anonymous State Quality Counts (ASQC) has recognized Dr. X with its second annual Quality Improvement Leadership Award. This annual award recognizes healthcare leaders who have made outstanding efforts to advance healthcare quality, providing an example for others to follow, and raising awareness of ASQC’s commitment to transform the quality of healthcare. Dr. X was recognized for his role in ABC’s ongoing care integration project. In addition to his role as president of the ABC Medical Staff, Dr. X is ABC’s interim chief medical information officer, interim Accountable Care Organization medical director, and physician advisor for clinical redesign. ASQC is a regional healthcare collaborative committed to improving health and healthcare for the people of Anonymous State. The organization provides leadership, advocacy, and support for improving health, promoting consistent delivery of high-quality care, improving access to care, and containing healthcare costs.

Seven times!  The word quality has now become overused and meaningless.


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