Students Get It

A recent survey designed to measure medical students’ perceptions of the work life of primary care physicians and of sub specialist physicians shows that they probably get it.  Overall, students’ responses to statements about primary care and subspecialist work life were……negative.  Sad but true.  They also thought:

  • physicians spend too much time on administrative work and are pressured by the pace of work, and
  • payers restrict quality of care and conflict with physicians’ clinical judgments.

Read the article in the AAFP news if you want to see more but I think it is so interesting that I am not the only one who believe the COEFFICIENT OF BUREAUCRATIC DRAG is too high.  Even medical students realize that it is others (administrators, insurance companies, etc) who are screwing up our profession.

I wonder what the medical students’ answers would have been if this study was done 75 years ago?

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