Taxing Medical Care

There are reasons why keeping the government OUT of the healthcare system still makes sense.   The Institute of Medicine, a federal advisory committee, is recommending taxing medical care to pay for….um….medical care.  Wait…what?   I’m confused. The IOM report recommends that the government create a detailed description of a basic set of public-health services that should be made available everywhere (anti-smoking programs, testing for and vaccinating against communicable diseases, injury prevention, screening for chronic diseases such as diabetes, and mental-health and substance-abuse treatment, etc).  To pay for this there would be a tax on doctor’s visits and prescription drugs.   It is always tough to criticize common sense and ethically appropriate goals.  I agree with having more preventive health care programs.  That being said, we can’t keep going back to the well and taxing the same people over and over again to pay for everything in this country.  We have a GREAT healthcare system.  We have GREAT doctors in this country.  Don’t let anyone hypnotize you into believing otherwise.  The problem is that it is UNAFFORDABLE because there are too many third parties who do nothing but collect money from the system.   Taxing people more only makes it more unaffordable.

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