The Buffett Medical Rule


You may have heard that Warren Buffett was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer.   You may have heard that he has elected to get radiation treatment.   I don’t know if Warren has his own insurance or is using Medicare but someone is paying for it.  What is interesting is that the United States Preventive Services Task Force recommends to stop checking the PSA after age 75.    Actually, they recommend not checking the PSA at all due to the controversy on not knowing if it really helps or not.  That being said, they DEFINITELY feel it should be stopped after 75 because most people die from something OTHER than the prostate cancer.  Guess how old Warren is?  Mr. “I want to help the little guy out” is 81.  He shouldn’t have ever been tested!.  Even though our medical system is hemorrhaging money it is good to know that the rich can still get around the basic recommendations.

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