The Mandate Makes the IRS Stronger

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has warned that the IRS could need up to $10 billion to implement the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act over  the next decade.  Wow.  The government has already started to divert this money now so that the IRS can verify that everyone has acceptable health care coverage and then penalizing those who don’t.  The amount of audits will increase dramatically in the future.

Personally, I have never been against the “mandate”.    I just fear that if enough people find loopholes NOT to pay it then it will become as meaningless as, well, meaningful use.   It never crossed my mind about how much money it will take to enact this thing. Holy crap.  And to give more power to the IRS?  Not loving that.  Remember, with great legislation comes great bureaucracy.    And most of the time it isn’t worth it.

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