iPads for Everyone!

Here is some new information from an article in the American Medical News:

The VA is launching the “Clinic-in-Hand” pilot program as part of the mobile health initiative. One thousand family caregivers of veterans will be given Apple iPads loaded with apps to help them provide care and communicate with the veterans’ physicians.  The iPads and their loaded apps are “designed to increase the convenience of health care management and strengthen communication among veterans, family caregivers and clinicians.”  The VA awarded a 12-month, $350,000 contract to District Communications Group, a veterans-owned communications consulting firm based in Washington, to carry out the mobile health initiative.

Wow, that sounds great except their is no proof that this works.   I am not against technology nor am I against studying new ways to deliver care.  So, go for it…..but, wait a minute, where is all this money coming from?  I wish I could just dip into that pot.  Now that I think about it, the kindergardeners in my school district just got new iPads this year as well.  There was no proof that it would increase their learning, either.  That’s weird.  Hmmmm, where is this damn money coming from.  Oh, right, my taxes!  I just love when people give away free iPads with my money.

And Apple couldn’t afford the $350K to donate to the VA?

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