Medicare Fraud

Finally, the government is getting on the ball by finding, arresting and prosecuting the doctors who abuse our Medicare system.  The recent arrest of 108 doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers from around the nation was impressive as they had bilked the country out of $455 million, which was the highest amount of false claims pursued in a single raid in the history of a federal strike force.  Great job.   That being said, I still fear that this success may make the government officials in charge too cocky.   Our system for coding office visits is a mess and has always been confusing.  Many times doctors overbill by mistake on certain visits or because their documentation didn’t meet the requirements by an auditor (very subjective).   As these strike forces get more brazen they will start overdoing their job and try to net perfectly honest doctors.  Want proof?  A new Medicare proposal is requiring doctors to go back through up to 10 years of medical records to determine if they received excess pay.   Ten years!   It sure looks like the consequences of innocent mistakes by physicians and practice administrators may “be swept up by rules aimed at those knowingly committing fraud and abuse”.   This will just make more and physicians not take Medicare/Medicaid patients in the future.

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