Perk Be Gone

Medical insurance was not always like it is today.  Obviously.  It started as a perk that companies used when hiring some employees.  Somehow it just hit that tipping point that it became expected.  Well, those days are probably gone.   The cost is so high (or they are getting set for Obamacare) that companies are now pushing a lot of that expense on the employees.   Three job offers I recently received, when I planned on moving, had insurance plans with an average cost of $7000 out of my pocket and then a $10,000 deductible.    I am not alone.   Only about half of people are getting insurance from their employers and this number continues to drop.   It begs the question about where they (or are they) getting any insurance?  I think that unhooking health insurance to being employed may eventually be a good thing.   The tax breaks need to be given to people who purchase insurance independently as well.   Add to this people shopping across state lines, picking high deductible HSAs and just maybe some prices will come down.

I am not holding my breath.

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