Removing the Third Party

I love the concept of independence.   Unfortunately, when I came out of residency it was not an option.  I was broke, had a family, and needed security after spending a decade of my “earning” years in school.   Now, doctors are trying to eschew insurance and directly bill the patient and I love it!  This is authentic.  This is the answer.  It has started small and doctors don’t have all the answers yet but these adventurous docs are the tip of the spear and they deserve all the credit in the world. I have mentioned my friend Josh over at before.    Now others are starting to follow or do their own thing.  If you read the linked article you will see how some practices in some states have faced challenges from insurance commissioners.  That’s good!  That means they and the insurance companies who lobby them are threatened.    This plan does not have to cater to the wealthy.  It is also not a new concept.   What was old is new again and can work.    Hopefully, I will be there with them in future.

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