Rx Without A Doctor

In the continuing saga of physician disrespect, the FDA is looking at more ways for patients to get prescriptions without seeing a doctor.   This is the same country where many states don’t allow doctors to do telemedicine across state lines.  So, in the latter case, doctors can’t give prescriptions but patients would be able to self-diagnose and get the prescription on their own.  Huh?  The new model, as explained here in the American Medical News, being considered by the FDA would do the following:

  • Allow some drugs for chronic conditions, such as asthma and allergies, to be sold under “conditions of safe use,” a proposed category that would describe prescription drugs sold over the counter.
  • To determine whether patients meet conditions of safe use of the drug, the FDA is recommending the development of new technology to help diagnose and assess patients’ needs.
  • Under the proposal, criteria of safe conditions would be measured using technology such as patient kiosks, remote diagnostic tools and online questionnaires that determine patients’ needs and help match them to the right medication.
  • The proposal also would expand the role of pharmacists, who would help determine patients’ needs for certain medications and help verify their self-diagnoses.

Just another way to break up the physician-patient relationship.  Isn’t it amazing that others are always trying to replace doctors with something –  new technology, pharmacists, grand-aides, NPs, PAs and on and on.   Will this crap never end?

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