Suitcase, huh?

I enjoy baseball.  Heck, I am involved in a fantasy baseball team.    When I see injuries, I tend to get a little skeptical knowing what I know about medicine.  This news item made my eyebrows go up.  “After a freak accident involving Jonathan Lucroy caused him to be scratched from Monday’s lineup, an MRI revealed that the catcher has a boxer’s fracture of the right hand on his fifth metacarpal — an injury that the team announced will land the hot-hitting Brewers catcher on the 15-day disabled list.”  Fifth metacarpal fractures are rarely freak accidents.   They occur when the athlete punches a non-movable object, like a wall. “Lucroy told reporters before Monday’s game that he sustained the injury when his wife accidentally dropped a suitcase on his hand, while searching underneath his hotel bed for a lost sock last night.”  Really?  Someone needs a little anger intervention and/or marriage counseling.  That story just does not fly.   And it is screws up my fantasy baseball team.

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