Gender Pay Gap for Doctors

The title of the article states That pesky gender pay gap exists for doctors too.   Of course, this is a MSNBC site and there is a left leaning agenda.  I really try to present both political sides here at  You will see that I use resources from both agendas on this website.  As many times that I use Wall Street Journal articles I will also use NYT or MSNBC or USA Today articles.  But today’s reference piece is particularly misleading.  The article talks about physician researchers.  Researchers!  It has nothing to do with the doctors who actually PRACTICE medicine.   Regular physicians bill for what they do.  This is usually in increments of relative value units.  We have to use very special coding system to send to the insurers to get paid for our services.  Any differences that male and female doctors get paid is due to them billing less because they did less work.   End of story.  You can debate that insurers should pay more for cognitive medicine or time spent with the patient, etc. but it doesn’t change the facts.

As far as researchers go, who knows if the methodology of this study is valid?  The lead author, Reshma Jagsi, is an associate professor and physician researcher at the University of Michigan Health System.  That fact that she is the one to “uncover” the possibility that income inequality exists in her own profession seems a little bit of a conflict of interest.  Isn’t that why we don’t regard Big Pharma research about their own drug to be so important?

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