It Never Can Happen Here …Right? by Pat Conrad MD

In light of the recent brouhaha in Wisconsin, we’ve heard a lot about the appropriateness of public unions.  Some say they represent a built-in conflict of interests, and even arch-liberal FDR opposed them.  I’ve always felt a instinctive distaste for unions, but have to admit that a group of private citizens should be able to associate in support of their own goals.  And as much as public unions represent a huge potential for corruption under the protection of government monopoly…what if it was us?

In a fight over pension benefits (sound familiar?) British GP’s have threatened a strike.  The funny response by Health Secretary Andrew Lansley is that the doctors can catch up on their missed work by working an extra day on the following Saturday.  To which I hope the GP’s will respond with a collective expletive, and run off to become soccer hooligans, or whatever it is they do in their spare time.

Might I change my mind on the rightness of public unions if I were in one?  I might if, as a formerly private citizen, I was forced into one, in which case I will cheer in a permanent blind rage for U.S. doctors no longer worthy of the title “American” to exact whatever greedy, strangling toll we can on the society that turned us into a utility.

Whether Obama Care is struck down or upheld, we are accelerating into a nationalized health care system, and muddle-headed U.S. doctors had better face this oncoming trainwreck squarely.  Or be prepared to work Saturday.




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