Just a Vitamin?

You have to read this article in the NY Times about how high achieving students abuse ADD drugs.   I knew it was out there  and I know that I was worked for an Rx before by a student demanding it but I never knew it was this bad.  It turns out that Adderall , Vyvance and other similar meds are PEDs for the pressured high schoolers trying to make their parents happy.   Here are just some of the quotes by students in the article”

  •  “It wasn’t that hard of a decision. Do I want only four hours of sleep and be a mess, and then underperform on the test and then in field hockey? Or make the teachers happy and the coach happy and get good grades, get into a good college and make my parents happy?”
  • “Isn’t it just like a vitamin?”
  • “Everyone in school either has a prescription or has a friend who does”.
  •  “It’s like it does your work for you”.
  • “Once you break the seal on using pills, or any of that stuff, it’s not scary anymore — especially when you’re getting A’s”.

Our society created this pressure and we doctors became drug dealers in the process.  How sad.

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