Let The Character Assassination Begin

I told you about the moronic lawyer trying to sue after the Aurora shooting.   Now comes the media and the world trying to put blame on the psychiatrist who was seeing this criminal.  This article is entitled Details emerge on psychiatrist of Colorado massacre gunman and they quickly try to go on to destroy her credibility:

  • Lynne Fenton has faced some trouble in her career.
  • She was disciplined by the Colorado Medical Board in 2004 for prescribing herself Xanax while her mother was dying, state records show.
  • She also was disciplined for prescribing the sleep aid Ambien and the allergy medicine Claritin for her husband, and painkillers for an employee who suffered from chronic headaches.

It looks like she make a couple of mild slip ups for prescribing some drugs.  Heck, her mother was dying.   Claritin is OTC.  Ambien is a sleeping pill used all the tim.  The painkiller Rx for the employee is even mildly controversial.  It doesn’t matter.  I know what they are getting at.  They are going to try and ruin her and then blame her.    Forget the fact that the infamous notebook that the shooter sent had never reached her.  The point is that unless she knew he was a threat to the public, there is NOTHING she can do to stop him.  She cannot make him take his meds.  She cannot stop him from taking painkillers.   Doctors are consultants and nothing more.   We shouldn’t get credit for as much of what we do nor should we get the blame.


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