Med Schools Want To Play House

Here is another funny one.   Medical schools also want to be part of the  medical home world.  They plan to “teach teamwork , quality improvement and community-based care to prepare students for practicing in a patient-centered medical home.”  Let’s all just jump on the politically correct parade, shall we?   Hey, if it gets more medical students into becoming family docs/ regular internists then great but I’m not buying it.  I still believe even though more teamwork is needed, someone needs to be in charge.   Since we are the ones getting sued it should be us.  The quality improvement fad is unproven and horeshit.  And community-based care is another term for being a family doc.   That is what we do and always have done.   So read the article in the American Medical News and see how our medical schools are changing the way these students are learning.   And I predict you just may see a bump of students going into primary care….from 2% to about3%.   Hey, statistically that is a 50% improvement!

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