Medical Practice by Ted Bacharach MD (retired)

Note the term as shown demonstrates a humility on the role of the physician. Note the physician practices on a daily basis. We once were honest enough to let our patients know that we do the best we can but practicing and experience still play a role. If this were not the case and our diagnoses were infallible and all diagnoses were like textbook presentation we would not need the extensive schooling and training physicians elect to get. Specialization has permitted some physicians to limit their view of the patient. The family physician and internist while on the bottom rung of the compensation scheme still provide the cohesion we need when treating a typical complex human being.

It should not be so painful for the specialist to remember his roots and once in a while consider that the system he specializes in is not necessarily the only one afflicting the patient who is referred to him. Try to remember we were all physicians before we embarked on specialty training.

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