Why Some Lawyers Are Idiots

In the wake of the Aurora, Colorado tragedy, one lawyer has risen to the forefront to show his greed and lunacy.  His name is Donald Karpel.

Torrence Brown, Jr., his client, was in the theater when suspected shooter James Eagen Holmes threw gas canisters and open fired into the crowd lost one of his best friends in the shooting.  Brown, luckily, escaped unharmed but is claiming extreme trauma and has hired an attorney who is targeting three defendants for negligence: the theater, Holmes’ doctors and Warner Bros., the studio behind the “Dark Knight” trilogy.   According to Brown’s lawyer, Donald Karpel, here are the reasons:

  1. The theatre’s emergency door was neither alarmed or guarded
  2. Holmes’ (the killer) doctors failed to properly monitor medications he appears to have been on
  3. Warner Bros. showed  violence in the film

Sound ridiculous?  This is why lawyers gets a bad rap.   I don’t know about the emergency door alarm part in issue number but it sounds lame.  As for the  the last two, well they won’t fly either.   Doctors can only prescribe meds for their patients.  We can’t force them to take them.   And as for Warner Bros. showing violence in the film……how does that even relate to this situation?

“Somebody has to be responsible for the rampant violence that is shown today,” attorney Donald Karpel said.   Yes, that person is James Holmes.  Now stop being an idiot and go away.

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