Call 911 for Mosquito Bites

woman recently called the ambulance service to report that her 1-year-old nephew was apparently bitten by a mosquito.  She is not  alone.  “We’ve received probably half a dozen to a dozen from people who have gotten bitten by mosquitoes — no signs of symptoms — but they call 911,” said MedStar spokesman Matt Zavadsky.  I get it.  The West Nile Virus is scaring some people down in Texas but you would think common sense would prevail.   Obviously these people have seen the news discussing the disease so you would hope they would wait and listen for the advice (symptoms, prevention, treatment, etc).  Nope.  So in our crazy litigious world (thank you, lawyers), an ambulance was dispatched to see the kid.  It took paramedics out of service for 45 minutes but the baby was not transported to the hospital.  So now more hotlines and public health initiatives are starting to stop the 911 abuse.   Or they could charge something (even $10) for the call and that would end it right there.   People ALWAYS abuse free.  Sorry, I am a little cynical today.

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