Fifty Percent

I am biased.  I have repeatedly pointed out that the “quality” fad is a sham and unproven. I have offered up study after study to this blog (and my former employer in Maine) showing that there is no proof that quality initiatives improve patient care or even lower the cost of healthcare.  I admit my bias because I am sure there may be a study or two that supports these initiatives and I may had a blind eye to it.  If I did then I am sorry.  Even so, there are NOT enough studies, in my opinion, that counteract the negative ones against this trend.   That being said, a shared-savings agreement between Hawaii Medical Service Assn. and Hawaii Pacific Health puts 50% the hospital’s annual pay increases over the five-year contract term dependent on achieving both quality improvement and cost savings thresholds.  WTF?  Fifty-percent!!!!!   Hawaii Pacific employs 350 physicians.   Watch that number dwindle over the next few years.  You can read the article here but don’t think you will find great reasons for this move other than typical administalian doublespeak as listed in quotes from people interviewed in the piece.  Don’t laugh too hard when you read them:

  • The whole health care system and country will need to find a way out of this problem we’re in.
  • We think we have a good solution
  • The pressures are there to get involved in these.
  • Adoption “is going to turn on what the experiences are with these original ones”.
  • It’s a step on the road toward a full ACO, although I’m not sure what a full ACO is anymore.  It’s been defined so many ways.
  • There is no contingency plan, except to go back to the way we were, and no one wants to do that.
  • Support for the physician-patient relationship is the key to making the health care system work.  Our goal is to do everything we can to support that relationship.

Hawaii is definitely in front with their healthcare initiatives.   Remember this from 2008?


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