Frailty Be Thy Name

A new study at Oregon State University  found that from a survey of more than 4,300 U.S. adults older than 60, those with low vitamin D levels had a 30 percent greater risk of death during the study period than those with higher levels. Frail people had more than double the risk of death than those who were not frail. And those who were both frail and had low vitamin D levels were three times more likely to die than those who were not frail and had higher vitamin D levels.  Well, at least they didn’t have a small pre-cancerous skin condition that could be removed with a little liquid nitrogen spray!   Thank you dermatologists everywhere for keeping our elderly out of the way of the evil sun.   Now we primary care docs get to take care of their broken hips, spines, or as this study shows, their end-of-life wishes.

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