I Know What He IS Guilty Of by Pat Conrad MD

Lance Everett Wyatt, M.D.  Honestly, I don’t know whether he did it or not.  Los Angeles plastic surgeon  Lance Everett Wyatt, M.D. was arrested on 8/2 on suspicion of secretly videotaping naked patients, and as well as charges of sexual battery and use of force Doc arrested.  Anytime your name and the word “arrested” makes headlines, it’s not a good day, but seriously, I’m not prejudging.  I know of a doc in my region who was recently charged with something similar, with sanctions so restrictive that they were tantamount to losing his license?  Was he guilty?  No nurse was present in the room, the phone was lost, and without corroborating evidence, the dude was done (and was known by his coworkers to be so technically old-fashioned that he literally couldn’t even work email, which left us dubious as to whether he was capable of using a phone camera).  I do remember years ago in the ER when, in the middle of a pelvic exam, the nurse forgot something which she ran out of the room to retrieve, leaving me in an extremely indefensible situation (for which I sharply corrected her!)

Is Dr Wyatt a creepy perv, or just the target of a neurotic L.A. housewife displeased with her recent refurbishment?  I don’t know and don’t really care.  What I do know is that this is the permanent age of the Physician Target.  From drug allegations to Medicare fraud to psychotic  patient-murderers to sexual misconduct, it is now always assumed that the doctor is guilty and bears the burden of proof.  What I do know, is that if Dr. Wyatt was in an exam room with a naked patient and no nurse present, then he is at the very least guilty of being a dumbass.

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