No Fight Left

Here is an article from the American Medical News that describes 3 steps to quality pay for physicians.  Are you kidding me?  It goes on to say:

Physicians, both employed and independent, need to take steps to ensure they are receiving the appropriate share of pay-for-performance or value-based purchasing bonuses, medical consultants say.

Whether the quality pay program is from a health system, insurer, accountable care organization, patient-centered medical home or some other model, physicians need to understand what metrics they have to meet. In addition, doctors need to determine how to meet them and ensure they have the tools to do so.

I read this as saying:

You as a doctor have no spine and have given up fighting back over, well, basically anything.   Therefore, no matter which way you turn you are going to have to bend over and take it.   Let’s show you the best ways to get violated. 

Wow, we are so sad.   One idiot at the end of the piece says, “If you want to have some control over your destiny, start getting together with your staff to figure out the most important metrics”.   Really?  That is how we get control over our destiny?  I don’t think so.  Getting control over our destiny would be to expose how these systems of payment are flawed, break away from the hospitals, take only cash for payment and eliminate jerk-offs like the dude who made that comment.   Ahhh. That felt good.

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