Tell Sanjay What You Think

I like a few different doctors who are television personalities.   One of them is Sanjay Gupta from CNN.  He is a neurosurgeon and so he does not know what it is like to be in the trenches of the healthcare system.  That being said, he just wrote a nice piece for the NYT entitled More Treatments, More Mistakes.  It is a very good article but I am not sure he sees all the reasoning behind the increased testing, etc.   He doesn’t push for tort reform which is a politically charged issue.  He also does not mention ANYTHING about the bogus quality movement which makes doctors overtreat to get their patients’ numbers “euboxic” so they may score better grades.   He asked for “our” thoughts on his Facebook page and I gave some of them to him.  No response yet.  I would love if you also could tell him your thoughts as well either on the NYT website or on Facebook.  And tell ’em Doug sent you.

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