There is a new app out there that really should make doctors go “are your kidding me”?   When patients with depression withdraw from their activities of life, their cellphone “can now track how often they send text messages and place calls, and how often they move and where they go. If their habits and patterns deviate in a way that suggests they’ve become withdrawn, the app alerts a doctor or other caregiver to check in”.   That’s okay, I have no life as a doctor.  I wouldn’t mind watching my phone keep going off with warnings like I am some type of military AWAC.  Forget my own kids, they don’t need a father.  My wife will understand why I can’t go to the movies with her because I need to keep watching my cell for warnings.   Are you kidding me?  You know, sometimes technology is a really good thing and advances medicine. This is NOT an example of that.

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