CF is Catchy

Here is an article sent to me by one of our readers.  As he says:

In case you didn’t hear of the boy who is a CF carrier being forced to change schools to protect kids with CF because his school district has complete lack of brain cells.   This is human stupidity in action at warp speed.

Don’t laugh too hard when you read the article.  Here are some juicy tidbits until you have time to read the whole thing:

  • Colman Chadam carries the genetic mutations for cystic fibrosis – but his doctor and parents say he does not have the disease. His parents, out of an abundance of caution, made the disclosure about his condition on a medical disclosure form when he began the school year.
  • The district – also out of an abundance of caution – decided that Colman would need to change schools seven weeks into the year because other students at Jordan have cystic fibrosis.
  • While Colman carries the genetic mutations, he has never had the classic lung problems, has never required treatment and tested negative on a sweat test, the definitive diagnostic tool, his parents said Thursday.
  • “The district is not willing to risk a potentially life-threatening illness among kids.”

Trust me, there is no fear of getting other kids sick.  There is only fear of lawsuits in a litigious society.

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