New Ways to Sue

Physicians have to be constantly aware that they could get sued when they treat patients.   And that drives up unnecessary tests.  Now there are other ways to sue doctors.  Lawyers are getting creative.   Here are some examples from an American Medical News article:

  • One unusual way that physicians can be sued is for administrative negligence. The claim can refer to a supervisor’s failure to review, develop or refine certain health care policies and procedures.
  • Another case highlights the little-discussed dangers of providing references for peers and employees. In 2011, a Louisiana anesthesiologist was forced to pay a medical center $8.2 million for negligent misrepresentation after he penned a positive letter about a former colleague.

As the article states, “doctors also should review their professional liability policies to check if medical decisions made outside the scope of the traditional physician-patient relationship are covered.”

Does this crap ever end?

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