When a Contract Isn’t a Contract

This is for you young pups out there.  Buyer beware.  I have been around the block in the past 16 years.  I have worked for two different hospital organizations and have been recruited by many others.  I am absolutely amazed how much administrators want all the leverage and not even the pressing need to hire doctors in the era of physician shortages will change their stance.

My most recent communication involved a contract where at ANY time they could change the compensation parameters.   As an added benefit, the company strictly enforces a two year non-compete clause for a 25 mile radius if you leave.  So let’s summarize.   The contract can change a moment’s notice (or if the company feels they are paying you too much) and yet they hold you tight to a restrictive covenant.   So basically the contract is not a contract.  Imagine a ballplayer signing a contract.  He gets productivity bonuses, maybe, for RBIs and batting average, etc.  That is normal.  But what if his salary is cut because the team is losing and the stadium is not filling up…all because the owner is a giant douche.  That, my friends, is what we are seeing in today’s physician contracts.  We need a revolution!

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