After Hours

A recent study in the journal Health Affairs concluded that:

When patients have access to after-hours services with their primary care provider, emergency room usage is significantly lower and fewer patients go without needed medical care.

Chalk that up to NO SHIT, SHERLOCK.   The issue is that doctors don’t want to work 24/7 because they are human and have lives of their own.    How about using texting, emailing, or calling?   That, too, is a burden and doctors don’t get remunerated for their work.  Trust me, the government’s answer to this study’s findings will be to DEMAND doctors offer more after-hours services, which will just make more physicians hate their jobs and/or quit.

The only answer is to remove the middle men and have patients pay their doctors directly.  This will lead to physicians doing after-hours care as part of his business.   The physician would do this because he has one-third the patient panel and is doing what he can do to compete and make his patients happy.

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