Cliff the C.Diff Dog

It turns out dogs can smell C. diff.  In fact, one dog named Cliff can use his superior sense of smell to sniff out early signs of this problematic infection.  A Dutch team spent two months using a reward-based training system to teach Cliff to pick up the unique odor of C. difficile, both in stool samples and among patients themselves.  Cliff was successful in identifying C. difficile patients 83 percent of the time.   I am not sure how feasible it is to have a dog on staff that will smell the asses of patients as they come in through the door, though.    More importantly, however, there is a joke in here somewhere.  Please list your one-liners in the comment section so we can see which one of you is the funniest.  For example:

ER Receptionist: “Are you here for an illness or injury, sir?”

Patient: “Neither, I’m just here for the dog”.


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