I just love when the ivory tower folks pontificate on how to get more medical students interested in primary care.   The article in the American Medical News is a prime example.    They even quote, of course, the Harvard people even though they STILL don’t have a family medicine department!

There are no immediate plans to develop a family medicine department at Harvard, but center officials are eager to expand student exposure to family medicine, he said. “Ideally, we would like to see a family medicine residency program at one or more of our large academic medical centers that attracts the best and brightest to train and lead a transformation of health care based on a strong system of team-based primary care practices,” Dr. Phillips said.

Are you kidding me?  What year is it?  Oh yeah, it is almost 2013 and Harvard still has no plans?  Then why even quote these idiots?

While I appreciate the gist and thought behind this article, the authors don’t seem to get it.   While schools might get some medical students interested, keeping their interest piqued will not be easy as family doctors in the field HATE how the system is destroying them.