Things Change

This just in from the American Diabetes Association:

  • “The early evidence suggested that greater control of blood pressure in people with diabetes might make more of a difference, so we originally set the guidelines to try to protect people with diabetes. What’s changed is that we’ve had other studies that have been unable to show a benefit from controlling blood pressure tighter than 130/80, so we thought it was unreasonable to suggest that people control to the lower goal,” Ratner explained.
  • The ADA is lowering the bar for its systolic blood pressure goal — going from less than 130 millimeters of mercury (mm/Hg) to less than 140 mm/Hg.

So we don’t have to plow our diabetics with more pills to make our quality indicators look good?  But I have been trying to get bonus incentives?  Now what?

This is another reason why pay-for-performance is useless.  Things change.

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