Tipping My Hat To The Nurses

Here is an interesting article about the “one thing” nurses get grossed out about.  There is no common thread other than each individual nurse has her own kryptonite.  Read the stories and you will realize how disgusting some jobs in healthcare can really be.   I know that after years of being a family doc that few medical things bother me.   Hell, I can eat a sandwich and cut open a rectal abscess at the same time.    That being said, I too have gagged a few times over the years.  So, here’s to you, nurses.   Thanks for all you put up with.  Now if you were only paid more and had less of a patient load, right?  Sorry, that can’t happen because we need to pay all those administrators for doing nothing!  And sometimes they get grossed out, too.  Like when their bagels at the meetings aren’t fresh or milk for their coffee is outdated.

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